Biker Babe Tours Brochure

Oi vey! Finally. The BBT brochure is done. I think. At least for now. I stopped counting after 40 hours on the design, layout, and copy writing. But, if I do say so myself, the thing is BEAUTIFUL! It’s so fresh, so girly, so–well, pink and purple (and, of course, delicious)! I’ll be sure to post a PDF of it for folks who want to take a closer look. Here’s a teaser snapshot of the outside:

snap of the Biker Babe Tours brochure


This brochure is just one step closer to launching this amazing business that I have been gestating and growing and nurturing for over a year now. I am so excited about Biker Babe Tours, about connecting with other biker women, seeing the roads of this great land, finding out who I am (without a computer and technical writing and working 100 hours per week). I mean, yes, maybe I’ll still be pulling those hours, but if I have to work that hard, I might as well be doing it from the saddle of my HAWG. ; ) You only live once, as “they” say. Well, at least in this incarnation, and darn-it. I want to live and give others joy while I’m doing it. This is the way. Come ride with me, let’s ride, let’s ride away (sung to the tune of Sinatra’s “Come fly with me.”). You know you want to. : )


About Biker Babe Tours

Biker babe (riding a purple, 2012 Harley-Davidson Street Glide), writer, tour guide, and breather of much oxygen.
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2 Responses to Biker Babe Tours Brochure

  1. kristeng45 says:

    I love the blog Liz it is absolutly fantastic!!

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