Yes, Virginia. Women Ride Motorcycles, But Why Such a Big Deal?

I ride a Harley-Davidson Softail Custom. I also happen to be a woman. It’s no big deal, the fact that I am female and I ride a bike. I don’t ride to prove anything. I am not on a campaign to show how cool or how bad-ass I am (but, I am both, by the way). I simply ride because I need to. It’s something that I have to do to stay healthy and sane. It’s my solace, my meditation, my retreat from the world.

Lizzy and her purple life-saver

In Saratoga Springs, Utah; my hubby rented a bike and we rode 500 miles on this day.

But, here in Utah. Oh, Lordy! I can’t tell you how many people I meet who are amazed by the fact that I am a woman on a Harley. It’s so shocking to them. Maybe it’s the fact that I am–ahem–middle-aged, grey-haired,  plumper-than-most, and short. I stand only 5′ 5″ tall. Maybe it’s the fact that I live here and well, due to the prevailing religion, most women are not on motorcycles. They are having lots of babies. One after the other. (I don’t judge.)

So, when I roar up on my massive, purple machine, it’s truly a novelty, a reason to stare, a resulting nudge of one dude to his buddy–“Hey, look at the chick on the bike”.  Sigh. It’s just weird. I honestly don’t like the attention. I’m used to California where you see women bikers every day, and no one is practically crashing their truck or running a red light to get a look at you. LOL! In Cali, you can ride below the radar, enjoy your bike and the road without a big fuss being made. You can retreat inside the deeply personal, totally focussed, and meditative state that motorcycle riding produces. Ah, I miss that riding anonymity.

So, for the record: I ride, not because I am a woman out to prove anything, but because I love it. I love the freedom, the absolute pointed, sacred awareness of every element that makes up the fast-moving mosaic. I see everything when I am out there, and I become all of it–the trees, the sky, the road, the bike, the air, the grasses, the hills, the wildlife, the sunshine.  It is my chance to quiet the active, incessant mind and simply be in the moment, be aware, be awake, and feel connected. It is my chance at wholeness. Makes no difference that I am a woman this time around. I ride for the ride. What about you? Why do you ride? Come on, spill it. : )

About Biker Babe Tours

Biker babe (riding a purple, 2012 Harley-Davidson Street Glide), writer, tour guide, and breather of much oxygen.
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2 Responses to Yes, Virginia. Women Ride Motorcycles, But Why Such a Big Deal?

  1. kristeng45 says:

    This is such a cute blog post Liz! I am sure there are other women riders out there who feel exactly the same way you do! Riding is heaven! The only thing I will point out being from Southern California is the massive quantities of people and cars here make riding quite stressful at times! I long for the open unobstructed roads of Utah! I am so looking forward to the first ride in Arizona or desert. It will be a blast!

    • Ahhh…yes, the massive numbers of people in So. Cali. I forget about all of them. LOL! Just breathe and keep all of your gear on, stay awake, and keep the rubber to the road, lady. I always assume that every car is out to kill me and ride accordingly. I also assume that no one sees me. This ultra-defensive riding has gotten me out of plenty of scrapes. Well, I can’t wait to ride with you, sister! XOXO

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