Dowco Power Sports Did Right by Me!

Hey, you awesome bikers of this great land. I am all about giving credit where it is due and want to tell you about a very positive experience that I had with Dowco Power Sports of Wisconsin, and in particular, John B. of that organization. Dowco makes all kinds of quality after-market luggage, gear, bags, and covers for adventure vehicles, including: motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, scooters, etc.

As many of you know, in late April of this year, I had a solo motorcycle trip planned from Provo, Utah to Sedona, AZ. Of course, I left the actual planning of the packing of my bike until three days before I had to leave, because I work a bazillion hours per week, and that’s pretty-much how everything in my life goes these days: I literally live at 100 mph all of the time, and then I stop and go “Oh, crap!” I have to do __________ and I have an hour to do it”.

Anyway, a close friend of mine mentioned Dowco Power Sports, said that she uses their bags on her Harley, and that I should check them out. I dutifully went on the Dowco Web site, found the items that she recommended, and ordered them, (paying extra for overnight shipping). This was on a Saturday. There I was, feeling all satisfied, knowing that the order would be processed on Monday and that the bags would arrive on Tuesday at some point. I would then be able to pack, get the bike all loaded on Tuesday and head out for Sedona bright and early on Wednesday.

Well, Tuesday came and no package. I went on the UPS site and tried to track the package, but that’s like shouting into a dark room. No matter how loud you shout, the light ain’t comin’ on, and you aren’t gettin’ your information. I then called Dowco. John B. took my call and explained that depending on when the items are ordered, we lose a day. I freaked out. I explained that I had this trip planned and paid for overnight shipping so I expected the bags to arrive on Tuesday. I had to leave Wednesday morning for my trip.

John was so, so awesome. He said that he was going to call UPS, find out where in the country the package was, and call me back with information. He did all of that. Apparently, the order wasn’t automatically put into the Dowco queue on Sunday with the other orders, and that’s what delayed the processing.

John then said that he was going to call his UPS representative personally and get my package expidited for first-am delivery on Wednesday at Dowco’s cost. He did that, too. The package arrived at my house by 9 am on Wednesday. I flew into my bedroom and packed the hell out of that bad-boy, my husband helped me load it onto the bike and test all the straps, and I rode away at 11 am. Just one hour later than I had planned. Bing-bang-boom! Here is a snap of my bike with the Dowco bags.

Feminina with her Dowco bags

This is my girl with her Dowco bags; looks like the top bag drooped a bit, but that was my fault.

Not only did John take responsibility for the mix-up, which was the right thing to do in this case, he went above and beyond to get that package to me. This, my friends, is PERFECT CUSTOMER SERVICE, and lots of other companies out there can take note. Oftentimes, all it takes to make a customer happy is to listen to them, not combat them in any way, and jump into action, giving it all you’ve got to get the problem solved. This is what John B. of Dowco did!

He not only has a customer for life now, I am going out of my way to tell every biker that I know just how pleased I was with him, his company, and their customer service policies. Plus, the bags are incredibly sturdy, well-made, and exactly what I needed for my trip. I had an awesome time. Dowco Power Sports ROCKS!

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Biker babe (riding a purple, 2012 Harley-Davidson Street Glide), writer, tour guide, and breather of much oxygen.
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