HOG Million Mile Monday is Today!

Hey, bikers babes! Did you know that today is the Harley Owners’ Group Million Mile Monday? Yeppers, it is! And, what fun this event is every year.

Million Mile Monday is an annual event where Harley-Davidson (and as of this year, non-Harley) riders all get out on their bikes, on the same day, and try to log as many miles as possible. Why? Just to share in the joy, freedom, and camaraderie of riding, have some fun, and see how many miles we can all collectively rack up. I logged 174 miles last year. I rode out into the Utah desert (more photos are on my Facebook page) and had the best time doing it. It was fun to come home, enter my miles on the HOG Web site, and then wait for the official count to come in.

Femmy on Million Mile Monday, 2010

My girl in the Utah desert on Million Mile Monday, 2010

The first year that the even was held (2008), the total mileage goal was set at 1 million. Exceeding that goal by a landslide led to upping the mileage goal for each year since. In 2009, the goal was 3 million. Last year, Harley riders collectively logged over 4 million miles. The goal this year is 5 million. I so hope we do it!

So, whether you commute to work or put around the block a few times today, just get out there and ride, peeps. It all adds up, and it’s tons of fun. I can’t tell you how many bikes I saw on my commute in today. Made me jealous that I was in my Prius, but I am gearing up and heading out now. So, I’ll be really happy in about a half of an hour. Whooooohoooo! Hit me back and let me know how many miles you logged this year, babes. : )

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Biker babe (riding a purple, 2012 Harley-Davidson Street Glide), writer, tour guide, and breather of much oxygen.
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