How Do You Stay Safe on that Thing?

How do you stay safe on that thing? This is a common question that I am asked by well-meaning, concerned, but slight incredulous people when we talk about motorcycles. What they mean is: “How is it that you have ridden for over 20 years and not once been annihilated by some dumb-ass driving a cage who is texting and fighting with his girlfriend at the same time?”

Well, I’ll tell ya. It doesn’t matter what other people do out there; it only matters what I do. When I ride, I do not give other people any power over my experience. Plain and simple. “Too simple”, you say? “There’s no way that can work!” you utter. Oh, but it can and does work, my friends. Let me explain:

First off, the personal inventory process:

I don’t ride tired. I don’t ride mad. I don’t ride distracted. I don’t ride if I’m not feeling it, completely. In other words, I have to stand there and take an inventory of my body and ask some pointed questions of myself. Am I calm? Do I feel any pain in my body? Am I thinking about what’s going on in my life? Is this going to be a distraction? Can I place all of that to the periphery and simply enjoy the ride? Is this really something that I want to do right now? Is there any weather coming that could affect my safety, visibility, or concentration? That process eliminates some of my activity on the bike right there. I take ownership of my body’s needs and my emotional state.

Second, the spiritual inventory process. And, this is where I’ll lose many of you, but I have to put it out there. I think this can actually help people. If nothing else, it will amuse them greatly, and I aim to please. ; )

I don’t believe in giving attention to what doesn’t serve me. Period. So, thinking about, and concentrating on, other people’s bad behaviors on the road or elsewhere is not serving me. It’s my reality out there. I need to pay attention to my responsibility and not blame others for any circumstance in my life. What comes to me, is drawn there by me. I take responsibility. If someone cuts me off, I was at fault for it. I wasn’t paying attention. I offered the vibration and the universe responded. Seriously. The “dumb-ass driver” was simply giving me what I offered on a vibratory level. So, this is the secret. Blame no one and take full ownership of absolutely everything in my reality and existence. Plus, I automatically assume that no one sees me and no one cares when they do see me. So, I ride like I am invisible and carrying lots of eggs on my bike. This is how I stay safe.

When on my Harley, I am not at war with anything. I am at peace with everything. That is the time when I feel the absolute best, when I am most happy, the most centered, and calm. I simply don’t let others dictate what I feel and pay attention to when I am on my bike. I pay attention to what feels the best. I stay happy. I stay focused. I stay awake when I am out there. And, I take responsibility for everything in my reality. Stupid people show up when I am inviting them. It’s quantum physics, folks. Thoughts are things. So, think good thoughts and watch good things come forward. It really helps.


Right before a ride; she's all clean and ready to go.



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Biker babe (riding a purple, 2012 Harley-Davidson Street Glide), writer, tour guide, and breather of much oxygen.
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