I Love VaVaVroom, Female Biker Clothing & Gear!

Have you heard of VaVaVroom? You gotta check ’em out! The clothing company, created by a very cool biker babe named Denise Maple, offers a wide selection of really well-made clothing, gear, and accessories for women motorcyclists.

VaVaVroom logo

VaVaVroom's very cute logo & tagline

VaVaVroom sells high-quality jackets, helmets, eye-wear, hats, heated gear, boots, gloves, jewelry, T-shirts, and much more. I personally love that VaVaVroom carries “big-biker-mama” sizes for the ample riders among us. As a big biker mama, I struggle to find cute clothes that actually fit well and are still feminine. I sure run across lots of boxy, scratchy “unisex” t-shirts out there that have no flair, no feminine touches, and no shape. But, VaVaVroom’s t-shirts are real women’s sizes and crafted with buttery, soft fabric that is shaped to a woman’s shape and stands up to wear. I love, love, love VaVaVroom’s t-shirts.

The owner Denise says it best when she writes on her Web site: “As the owner of VaVaVroom, I design for you because I am you. A professional from nine-to-five, I’m on my bike every spare moment, wearing clothing I’ve dreamed about making after too many years of paying good money for ill-fitting, trashy, tasteless separates.” Yeah, she’s totally awesome.

My personal new favorite in the  VaVaVroom repertoire? The Bootlet. A very cute jewelry item for your boots. This item is so cute. I want to buy one for every woman that comes on my bike tours. It gives us girls a little boot bling and we all need some of that. Now, if only Denise would make one in purple to match my Harley. **hint, hint** ; )

So, go get yourselves some awesome clothes and gear, my lovely biker babes of the land and tell Denise that Lizzy sent you.

About Biker Babe Tours

Biker babe (riding a purple, 2012 Harley-Davidson Street Glide), writer, tour guide, and breather of much oxygen.
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