Where the #$% Have You Been?! BBT is Happening!

Hey!!! Here I am! Whew, it’s been too long, my peeps. Seriously. What, with my and my husband’s bouts of pneumonia and then our recent move, your friend Lizzy-bean has been MIA. Well, this news will hopefully get us all back in the saddle. TOGETHER!

BBT Logo

Biker Babe Tours, Inc. I just sent my corporation paperwork in for Biker Babe Tours this week, so it’s happening, peeps! Whoooohooooo! This company has been in the planning stages for nearly two years. It all started with a three-am idea that shook me awake, sprung fully formed into my head, and wouldn’t let me get back to sleep. I then did the impatient, dancing-around-the-living room wait to call my darling friend, Cheri G. and tell her my idea for our business. Cheri’s and my mutual love of (purple) Harley-Davidsons, the open road, and the deep friendship between women made this idea a perfect fit for us. We both salivated at the chance to do something that no one else was doing.

Oh, sure, there are lots of touring companies performing a stellar job in the biker community, but no one is serving just women. No one is doing  full-service tours that combine all the things that biker babes like to do. And, no, gentlemen, it’s not just about having pillow fights in thin T-shirts. Heh, heh! JOKING! It’s all the stuff that women want: riding and a massage, riding and fine foods, riding and sharing our stories, riding and shopping, riding and making new friends. Let’s face it, women are different than men. We ride differently; we want different things. Yes, we love our husbands and wind brothers; but, women need this alone-time, this sister-time together.

So, Cheri and I knew that this idea was golden. Not just because of what it would bring us: adventure, friendship, personal satisfaction, camaraderie, and soul connection with other like-minded biker babes, but because of what it would give other women: adventure, friendship, personal satisfaction, camaraderie, and soul connection with other like-minded biker babes.  We were so excited! And, that tremendous excitement carried us forward like a sturdy Harley ripping through the desert.

For the more cynical types out there, this might come off like some duplicitous PR campaign, but I assure you: this is the real deal. This company has her heart, head, and soul in the right place. We are a service company: women who want other women to have the best tour and time of their lives. Women who live for the open road and the sisterhood. Women who actively put good energy into the world and help others. And, despite Cheri’s decision to pursue other interests, which I totally honor and celebrate, she is BBT’s biggest fan. So, she is a part of the soul of this company, as are all my wind-sisters out there.

So, it’s happening.  I owe Cheri, my No. Coast HOG Chapter peeps (who live and ride behind the Redwood Curtain), and the many women who have written to give me encouragement, ideas, and kudos over the past two years so much. I appreciate and celebrate you all. Let’s ride, babes!

About Biker Babe Tours

Biker babe (riding a purple, 2012 Harley-Davidson Street Glide), writer, tour guide, and breather of much oxygen.
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3 Responses to Where the #$% Have You Been?! BBT is Happening!

  1. Cathy Espere says:

    Now I want my own bike more than ever! I have been riding with my husband all these years and dreaming of my own custom. Now I am setting the goal to get what I want.

    • Woooohoooo, Cathy! So good to hear this, my new friend! You have the entire female biker community pulling for you and sending you good vibes, our wind-sister. We can’t wait to see you out on the road, ridin’ your own, and living large! It’s the best thing ever. And, with all these new sisters, you will simply not believe how much fun you have. We wait for the day when you roar up on your shimmering and beautiful motorcycle, girl! Keep us posted. And, don’t ever hesitate to ask questions, connect with us, etc. Also, be sure to check our “Her Motorcycle.com” and “VavaVroom.com” for lots of biker chick resources. There is also a very cool Facebook community called “Women Riders Rock”. Hugs, Lizzy

      • Cathy Espere says:

        Thanks for all the good info! I am so excited to find a local group of women that I can relate to! Enough of these stuffy boring groups! I hope I can still join you on some of your events before I do get my bike.

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