Flagstaff “Helltel” Makes it Hard to Tour in Flagstaff

My peeps, my biker babes, my friends: This is the first “rant” post I have ever written, which, I am sure is quite surprising to you, because I’m ordinarily so very chipper. But, never fear, this rant has a happy ending.

Unbelievably, the hotel, where we are having our July Freedom Tour, (yes, the very establishment that’s making a tidy, full-price, sum off of the three-day tour and the hotel that I would potentially bring hundreds of people to throughout the year) is flat-out unwilling to help me make my clients comfortable.

Parking in downtown Flagstaff is a challenge. The “Helltel,” as it shall be referred to from this day forward, has a small, first-come, first-serve parking lot on one side of their building in the aforementioned, very congested, downtown Flagstaff.  I asked the hotel manager if they could rope off two spots in their parking lot for my clients’ bikes (you know, three bikes per spot) during the bike tour. She said, tersely, “No, it’s not fair to the other customers.” I’m like: “But, the the other customers are not on bikes and are not having to wear and carry heavy gear down the street at high elevations in hot weather and so so for blocks on end.” **Sigh** The answer is no, nope, nada, no way. Too bad, so sad!

Call me crazy, but in this economy, there is no room in the hospitality business for this kind of disdainful “non-customer-service”.  This manager clearly does not understand (or care) how logistically difficult it is for motorcycle riders to get around. She clearly doesn’t give a rat’s putootie that we paid full price for the rooms and are bringing her business from out of the area (as in, people who might never of heard of her establishment). She does not care. Her biting tone tells me that her Helltel does not need my business and to quit bugging her.

Okay, well, point taken. Consider this your notice: I will never give you my business again. Further, I will be posting a review of your so-called hospitality business on Yelp. I will dissuade others from staying in your establishment. I will have the last word.

So, how does your friend, Lizzy-Bean deal with this set-back? Tune into an upcoming post: Babbitt Ford, Flagstaff, Saves the Day! to find out.

About Biker Babe Tours

Biker babe (riding a purple, 2012 Harley-Davidson Street Glide), writer, tour guide, and breather of much oxygen.
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