Babbitt Ford, Flagstaff, Saves the Day!

Babbitt Ford Lincoln Rocks!

As mentioned in a previous post, the hotel, at which we were staying for the Freedom Tour, refused to rope off just two parking spots, in their lot, for my motorcycle tour participants to use. Not cool, peeps!

Parking in downtown Flagstaff is a serious challenge. And, holding bike tours in downtown Flagstaff is made even harder because of this. Imagine, if you will, a tour operator trying to assemble the group of riders for the day’s ride and having to go all over the downtown area to gather the participants who had to park blocks away because the hotel lot is full. Imagine, a group of bikers, tired from the day’s riding events, schlepping their heavy gear and luggage through the streets (in a city at 7000 elevation, no less) to get to the hotel, because said parking lot is still full. It puts people under stress, puts the tour operator under stress, and is just plain bad customer service on the part of the hotel.

So, as part of my tour contingency plan, I reached out to Babbitt Ford Lincoln of Flagstaff and met with Wayne, the Business Manager, who in turn introduced me to Alan, the General Manager. I asked them if we could possibly use their parking lot, just in case, which is conveniently located only a block away from the hotel; I explained who I was, what I was doing, and let them know the days and times that we might be using the lot.

Thankfully, Babbitt Ford Lincoln said yes, they would help. Yay! They would let us consume three spots in their service parking lot, if needed, for the three nights. And, they asked nothing in return. I’m the one who offered to do a blog blast about them and to advertise far and wide their awesomeness.  They didn’t ask for a thing. Double-Yay and, much respect to these dudes.

Not only did these kind gentlemen immediately reduce my stress by 50%, they were nice to me. The Babbitt Ford peeps saw my need and saw that I was doing everything I could to support my customers. And, by supporting me, they made it clear that they understand and practice excellent customer service as a rule themselves.

This is how it’s done, folks! This is how you demonstrate proper customer focus! And, as consumers, how do we honor that customer focus? By giving companies like this our business. Babbitt Ford Lincoln of Flagstaff, AZ is a living example of a company with whom to do business. Thank you so much, Babbitt Ford! You just earned my trust and my business. I’m seriously eyeing an F250 over there. I don’t think I’ll have much of an argument from my husband when it comes time to buy that truck. Get ready, boys. 🙂

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Biker babe (riding a purple, 2012 Harley-Davidson Street Glide), writer, tour guide, and breather of much oxygen.
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6 Responses to Babbitt Ford, Flagstaff, Saves the Day!

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  2. Bikers love to have trucks! Including me, I have a Ford 150 and I am glad that Ford has helped you out! 🙂

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