AMA Women’s Motorcycling Conference is Gonna Rock!

Are you ready for some fun with your wind-sisters? Then, you just gotta attend the AMA’s annual International Women and Motorcycling Conference, happening this Thursday, July 26th through Sunday, July 29th in Carson City, NV. This year is sure to be the best ever with (as the AMA Web site describes it) “inspirational speakers, great roads, demo rides, product showcases, and unmatched camaraderie”.

Until you see thousands of women on bikes pouring through the streets, you haven’t been inspired, babes. We’ll kick it with women from all areas of the globe and all walks of life. Imagine: throngs of biker babes on their machines, in the glorious sunshine, just feeling their power and happiness. It’s truly a beautiful sight to behold and an experience not to be missed.

My friend, Rebecca and I are riding from Flagstaff (1700+ miles, round-trip) to meet up with my dearest Cheri G., her daughter, Sammi, and a few other delightful friends from my CA HOG chapter. I’m so excited and can’t wait to see my Cali girls, meet other awesome biker babes, and relax with my people. This week and this event are going to rock! Join us. : ))

About Biker Babe Tours

Biker babe (riding a purple, 2012 Harley-Davidson Street Glide), writer, tour guide, and breather of much oxygen.
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