Quite Write

Thanks for checking out my work. Glad you are here. As a professional writer, I do a great deal of work for various publications, projects, clients, and applications. This page highlights some of my other writing sites.

lc_logoLiz Casey Web Site: This is my official writing Web site where you can check out my resume and look through writing samples that range from complex technical documentation to copy writing and graphics.

background_heartBikerBabeTours.com: This is my part-time business, a Motorcycle Touring company for women. I did 99% of the copy writing here and do routine changes to the site including page layout and graphics. My very cool Web designer, Northstar Marketing built this “color-bomb” of a site for me after one meeting with them. I guess I made a big impression. Ha ha!



BigBodyBeautiful Blog: This is my blog for promoting positive body image and (coming very soon) products that promote health at any size and which contribute to women’s sense of well-being.



Family Emergency Plan Workbook. My latest book, an easy-to-use (electronic download) workbook that helps families quickly develop a solid, effective plan for dealing with emergencies and disasters.

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