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A Snappy Hat for Every Biker Head!

Ladies! During the AMA Conference in late July, I had the distinct honor of meeting Team Diva founder, biker babe, and artist, Amy Skaling. Amy is one of the coolest, nicest people you could ever meet and a true artist to … Continue reading

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Riding in Hell: How to Survive Hot Weather Riding

Well, you all knew that this article was coming, didn’t you? Now that I live in Phoenix, AZ, aka “hell”, I have learned an awful lot about hot weather riding. Frankly, there is no other kind of riding in AZ. … Continue reading

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Why Gearing Up, Every Time, is Vital

In motorcycling, you get all kinds of people across the entire spectrum of humanity. You have 20-year-old riders on rice rockets, Baby Boomers on old-school baggers, Yuppies on zero-emission bikes, and adrenaline junkies on sport-bikes. We see them out there every day. And, … Continue reading

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