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First Biker Babe Tours Newsletter is Here!

Hi, all! Our first-ever, quarterly newsletter (in PDF) is available for your viewing, reading, and well, general pleasure. Give it a whirl! BBT Newsletter Spring 2013  

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Riding Spirit; Spirit Riding

So, I’ll let you all in on a secret that isn’t really a secret at all because (A.) You all know this and (B.) I’ve written about this before. But, riding a motorcycle is a highly spiritual, even a (dare I say … Continue reading

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Biker Babe Summer Trip, Part I

Trip specifications: Biker Babe Summer Trip to the AMA Women’s Motorcycling Conference Who: Rebecca P. and Liz C. When: Tuesday July 24 – Tuesday July 31 Where: From Sedona and Flagstaff, AZ to Carson City, NV and back Total miles: 1,700 … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Tour in Cuba? YES!

Let me guess: It’s never occurred to you, has it? Cuba, for many of us, still feels forbidden, cut off, and slightly dangerous. It feels as if we could end up on some “government list” if we even so much … Continue reading

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Diamonds in My Mouth

A friend asked me once what riding a motorcycle means to me. I answered, “Well, it’s like having a mouthful of diamonds.” A quizzical look and faint smile crossed the face of my friend as I launched into an explanation. … Continue reading

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