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MADMaps Make the Ride More Fun!

At this year’s AMA conference, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the founder and COO of MADMaps, Jenny Lefferts. This amazing, gutsy, funny, out-spoken, and tenacious business owner and motorcyclist is an inspiration to everyone who meets (and knows) her. Ms. … Continue reading

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A Snappy Hat for Every Biker Head!

Ladies! During the AMA Conference in late July, I had the distinct honor of meeting Team Diva founder, biker babe, and artist, Amy Skaling. Amy is one of the coolest, nicest people you could ever meet and a true artist to … Continue reading

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Why Talk About It?

A couple of people have asked me why I posted about the first tour if it was such a disaster. Here’s the main reason: Honesty. I have nothing to hide. I will not chalk up every tour as a success if it … Continue reading

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Learning Curve

Oh. My. Gosh. Here’s the really bad news. The tour this weekend went, sadly, completely sideways. Although I have toured a few times and group ridden a ton, I haven’t had things go wrong very often. And, for my first … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek of New Biker Babe Tours Web Site

Ooooooo…ohhhhhh…ahhhh…lookey-here… This is a little teaser from the all-new, super-improved Biker Babe Tours Web site, coming soon. We are going live very soon, peeps. Get ready, get set, sign up for a tour on the new site in a few … Continue reading

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Where the #$% Have You Been?! BBT is Happening!

Hey!!! Here I am! Whew, it’s been too long, my peeps. Seriously. What, with my and my husband’s bouts of pneumonia and then our recent move, your friend Lizzy-bean has been MIA. Well, this news will hopefully get us all … Continue reading

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Biker Women Who Write: Send in Your Stories!

Thanks to a Facebook post, I just learned of two really cool biker chicks, Brittany Morrow and Brittny Cleveland, who are compiling a book about women who ride. Being a published writer and an avid motorcycle rider myself, I greatly … Continue reading

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Women Bikers, Have You Seen HerMotorcycle.com?

Hi, lovely biker women of the world! Do you know about HerMotorcycle.com? Sorry, I didn’t catch that. “No”, you say? You’ve never visited this amazing, all-girl, all-gear, all-things-that-women-bikers-care-about Web site yet? Oh, for shame, divas! You simply must go. Not only is HerMotorcycle … Continue reading

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Psssst…You Wanna See the Biker Babe Business Card?

Ya, I know. The very thing that you, dear readers, have been waiting for with the utmost patience and burgeoning zeal. I hear ya. You have been asking me, sending me e-mails, calling me day and night and saying: “Hey, … Continue reading

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