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New HOGGY for Lizzy

Hi, Biker Babes! Whatcha been up to? Me, you ask? Well, I have been busy breaking in the newest addition to my family. She’s a beautiful hunk of Harley good-ness and I named her Anja, which is Sanskrit and means … Continue reading

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HOG Million Mile Monday is Today!

Hey, bikers babes! Did you know that today is the Harley Owners’ Group Million Mile Monday? Yeppers, it is! And, what fun this event is every year. Million Mile Monday is an annual event where Harley-Davidson (and as of this … Continue reading

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Women Bikers, Have You Seen HerMotorcycle.com?

Hi, lovely biker women of the world! Do you know about HerMotorcycle.com? Sorry, I didn’t catch that. “No”, you say? You’ve never visited this amazing, all-girl, all-gear, all-things-that-women-bikers-care-about Web site yet? Oh, for shame, divas! You simply must go. Not only is HerMotorcycle … Continue reading

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A Woman Biker’s Dream

Now, for the fun part. Let’s fantasize! Okay, close your eyes…wait! If you close your eyes, you can’t read. Scratch that! Just read and try to envision this: Eight women on all different kinds of bikes, some are Harleys, some are … Continue reading

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Mama Wants a “Bagger”

No, this is not the new term for a “bag-person”. ; ) The old-school biker types know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t ya? Well, I want one. BAAAAAD.  And, I have her all picked out. For those of you … Continue reading

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There are More of Us than People Think…

…women bikers, that is! Yes, it’s true. According to research, done in 2003,  by the American Motorcyclist Association, 635,000 women in the US ride motorcycles. Holy cow! That’s tons of biker babes. Of course, the numbers have only gone up since … Continue reading

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